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  • Doug was more than instrumental in helping me through the sale of my business to a private equity group, he led the way through this unfamiliar territory.  Doug helped me evaluate multiple offers and worked closely with my attorney and CPA to help me get what I wanted out of the transaction.  Throughout the experience I moved with confidence lent to me by his experience and professionalism. This and his integrity meant much to me and to the buyer as well.   I highly recommend you talk to Doug if you are considering selling a business. 

    John Craddock,Owner, Case Engineering

  • I engaged Doug Wurmnest a couple of years ago after a bad conversion to Quickbooks.  He helped us correct the set up issues and correct the improperly recorded transactions. He then trained our staff to take over and improve their use of the software.  As my part-time CFO he has provided me with greater insight into our financial statements helping me to better run the business.  He also helps our lenders understand our financial situation and we've had no problem getting loans to expand the business.  Doug is able to explain the accounting terms and financial statements in a manner that I can understand and I highly recommend him.

    Kip Husk, President, Husk Signs

  • I used Doug to advise me on buying out my business partner to gain control of the company. While we were small at the time, Doug gave me several options to offer my former partner and great tips on dos and don’ts.  I couldn’t have accomplished the deal on my own and recommend Doug to help you in any business transaction.

    Shaun Angel, Livewell Flex 151

  • Doug was very helpful in guiding me through the sale of my portion of the business to my partner. He took the time to understand my goals and the needs of the business. He was able to clearly explain the process to me and my partner and provided excellent advice through the process helping us to come to agreement and close the deal quickly. I’m now getting close to starting up a new manufacturing business. Doug is the automatic choice to help navigate critical financial waters.

    Alan Wolfinger, Principal, Wolf Engineering Solutions, Inc.

  • I hired Doug when our business was growing really fast and cash was a challenge. He immediately helped us get our cash flow under control and improve the profitability of the company. Over the 3+ years he served us as our part-time CFO, he helped us put together strategic plans, acquire a company and divest of a division. When I got ready to sell the business, his counsel was invaluable on preparing for the sale and walking us the transaction. I recommend using Doug to help you with your business challenges or when you’re ready to move on.

    Keith Barnett, President, Information Technology Architects

  • Doug was very instrumental in the decision process as we decided to sell a huge portion of our business. His services were invaluable as we went thru the process of accumulating the vast amount of information necessary to complete the sale. Doug also helped us get systems in place for the portions of the business we kept so that we could operate smoothly going forward.

    Debra Seymour, President, Miles Enterprises

  • Doug's vast knowledge and experience in banking and business was extremely helpful to our company. Doug was able to compare the major profitability factors of our business to other companies. This helped us make positive changes in expense, margin and profitability. I would highly recommend Doug to evaluate and help make positive profitable changes to any business.

    Kenny Buckman, Owner, Whitestone Feeds, Inc.

Why I Do

I’ve had the privilege of having a daughter and a son get married. At each wedding, we had a great time with family and friends as well as meeting many others from the in-laws’ families.

I've been blessed with a marriage that's lasted 40 years and going strong. But, getting back to business, let me explain further Why I Do what I do.

If you haven't seen Simon Sinek's Ted Talk or read his book "Start with Why". I highly recommend doing so. Sinek talks about how the most successful people and companies understand the core values and beliefs that drive them. He notes, "working hard for something we don't care

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