Financial Wisdom. Strategic Solutions.

CFO Solutions

Tools for Decision Making

We work with your staff to create timely, meaningful and accurate financial statements so you can make better financial decisions.  We work to ensure the data is accurate by creating a solid, repeatable process for data input. We work on the month end process so that financial statements are produced quickly and accurately.  And we review the financial statements so that they are meaningful and usable by you and your bank.

We help you articulate your business goals and create short term and long term strategic plans so you can implement strategies to create the vision you have for your business.

We create dashboards of key performance indicators so you can gain greater understanding of your financial situation and monitor key drivers of financial profitability.


Profitability and Growth Drivers

The primary driver of financial profits in a business in the gross profit on sales. Improving the gross profits has the single biggest impact on improving profitability. We frequently evaluate product lines, specific customers or locations to determine opportunities for improvement for either cost savings or revenue enhancements. We provide an objective evaluation of each area to give the owner the insight necessary to make the right decisions.

We review operations to improve efficiencies and remove roadblocks that impede service and product delivery. By improving the operation, companies can experience increased sales, reduced costs and a better work environment.

We also use financial models to determine if an investment will meet ROI objectives and can create scenarios to evaluate the likelihood of success.


Cash Flow Improvements

We work with you and your team to evaluate cash inflows and outflows. We frequently find opportunities to speed up the billing and payment cycle to get cash in the bank quicker. We evaluate purchasing and spending patterns to determine cost and cash flow saving opportunities. In distress situations, we can create daily and weekly cash flow forecasts to tightly monitor and manage cash balances and meet debt service requirements.



Creditors are looking to lend money to great businesses. However, many small and mid-sized businesses are only marginally profitable and do not present themselves well to potential creditors. We create business plans and financial forecasts to support the credit needs of the business. By creating timely and accurate financial statements, the creditor has greater confidence in the business and its ability to repay any loans. As a former banker, I know what creditors are looking for and help owners present their business needs in the best light.

In workout and turnaround situations, we bring all the resources together to create plans and monitoring tools to meet the needs of the owner and the creditor.