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Transition Solutions

Transition Planning

Transitioning from a business is frequently the most important and biggest financial decision an owner will make in his or her business career.  Whether the owner transitions the family business to the next generation or sells the business to current management or to a third party, a comprehensive plan is required to navigate the financial and emotional challenges in a transition. We help families involved in the business to create and implement succession and continuity plans. Owners benefit from our process and experience by being able to plan and leave a legacy, controlling the timing of the transition, having fewer distractions so they can focus on growing the business, and reducing tax liabilities. Families benefit by having a greater understanding of the transition and confidence to successfully continue the business.


Our Process

We use a structured and methodical process to provide a great experience with a positive outcome for the transition. We start by understanding the goals and desires of the owner and the business. We evaluate the business for value enhancement opportunities so the owner can optimize the value of the business. We help to create and coordinate the activities of the transition team which can include estate planning attorney, transaction attorney, wealth planner, tax advisor, mergers and acquisitions professional, and insurance advisors. We make sure that the owner’s goals are first priority and our support allows the owner to focus on growing the business. Our process prepares the business and the owner for the transition, reducing or eliminating surprises.


Sale to Insiders

Preparing for and successfully transitioning a business to an insider can be tricky. Most insiders, whether children of the owner or key employees, do not have the financial strength to acquire a business. In many cases, the insiders are not prepared for the demands of business ownership. Consequently, a well-conceived plan must be created and implemented that transitions the ownership and responsibilities to the insider over time. Insider sales are frequently accomplished financially through a mix of bank and owner financing. During the transition period an owner should not transfer control of the business to the insider until the owner is financially prepared and there is limited risk of loss of any value in the business. In order to make sure that the business is successful going forward, we help owners and their successors create the financial and the responsibility transition plans. We work with the tax advisors and attorneys to reduce overall tax liabilities and protect the owner for any financing they provide on the sale.


Sale to Third Parties

One of the key issues for business owners is confidentially marketing their business to potential buyers.  We offer complete business brokerage services for small to mid-sized businesses. Before marketing the business, we make sure that the owner and the business are ready for a sale. This includes a significant amount of time and effort to create goals, implement plans to improve the business value, perform advanced due diligence to minimize surprises during the sale, and then creating a marketing plan that meets your specific needs.  All information disseminated to the public is disguised in order to protect your business. With involvement in over 50 transactions we have the experience and training to manage the process and help you negotiate the deal that best meets your objectives.  Business brokerage and real estate services are offered through Curran Miller Auction & Realty, Inc.


Business Acquisition

Are you looking to acquire a business? If so, we can help you in all facets of the transaction. We will help you evaluate a business, perform due diligence, prepare pro forma financial statements and cash flow projections, help obtain financing, negotiate the transaction, and work post-closing with the integration challenges. We work closely with your legal and tax advisors to get the best structure and pricing for your acquisition.